Penny Roox Drops Sophomore Single, "Sad Sad Dreams"

Quick Thoughts: It doesn’t take long for Penny Roox to draw you in on her latest single, Sad Sad Dreams. The track’s melody will have you tapping your toe before you even know it, and then Penny comes in with her beautiful vocals to provide the perfect complement. This nostalgic, heartfelt single finds Penny taking influence from some of the all-time greats, such as Joni Mitchell, Elvis Pressley, and Chet Atkins, as she infuses jazz influences, a natural fit given her vocal ability. With only two singles to her name, Penny Roox has already shown that she’s a name to remember. Between her luscious vocals, ear for melody, and lyrical storytelling, she seems to have all the talent that you could possibly look for from a rising artist. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from the 25 year-old. She’s got an incredible sound and a certain fearlessness about her that I can’t get enough of. Stream on Spotify: