Saint Zenon Flexes Massive Talent On Their Debut Single "Handsome (But U Ugly!)"

Quick Thoughts: I love pieces like Saint Zenon’s “Handsome (But U Ugly!)” for a few different reasons. To start, there are so many moving parts to this piece. The multiple vocalists each bring a super unique vibe, but they work so well together. Saint Zenon is composed of 9 musical friends. I don’t know exactly how many vocalists are featured on this track, but it’s definitely more than 3. That means this talented group had to mesh 3+ vocal textures, aesthetics, and overall sounds to create a cohesive work of music. The impressive part isn’t that they did it, it’s that it sounds like they did with ease and organic flow. The other reason why I love this piece is that it doesn’t conform to your stereotypical indie-pop track. One second we’re hearing fairy-like “la la la’s” and the next we’re hearing intensely passionate emo-esque vocals. Yet again, it works and it works fantastically well for Saint Zenon. Stream On Spotify: