Samie Bower Drops New Hit Single, “Different”

Quick Thoughts: Samie Bower has been dropping music for a few years now, but he just popped up on our radar. Across multiple singles and projects, Samie has developed his own sound, fueled by R&B and pop influence. Melody guides most of his work and he’s got a great understanding of current trends, which you’ll hear in his singing and production.

For his first single of the year, Samie Bower dives into an upbeat R&B-pop crossover titled, "Different." He effortlessly fuses the two genres to create an infectious track, filled with energetic verses and a very catchy hook. Samie hits a wide range of melodies throughout the song as he transitions between sections. It’s an impressive 2021 debut and we’re excited to see what’s next for Samie.

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