Sea Glass and Sky Adler Team Up for the Beautiful “Pinecone Alley”

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Quick Thoughts: I know we’ve all had those moments in life where we sit alone with our thoughts listening to that one special song that really does something to us. “Pinecone Alley” by Sea Glass and Sky Adler will become that song for you. The soft guitar and gentle instrumentals produced by Sea Glass matched with the dreamy vocals by Sky Adler create a huge main character moment. Even without knowing the backstory of this song, you can tell it was created with intention. “Pinecone Alley” is about a time in Sea Glass’s life that he once held sacred, but was then unfortunately tainted by tragedy. It’s so special when an artist can share a genuine piece of their story with the world. Put on “Pinecone Alley” and be alone with your thoughts, you wont regret it. Stream on Spotify: