Sean Pixel's "back2life" is Your Next Indie-Pop Hit

Quick Thoughts: Sean Pixel’s latest release “back2life” is absolutely infectious. The energy that vibrates off this track is unmatchable. The speedy intro drums lead us into Pixel’s vocals that hit the ground running. There is truly not a dull moment in this piece. Pixel’s vocals are raw and captivating. With just one listen, you’ll be hooked on this song.

“back2life” is about that feeling of not wanting to go back to real life after an amazing night out- a feeling that we’re all too familiar with. As unpleasant as this thought is, hearing it from Pixel’s voice makes it enjoyable. The cover art of this track also resembles this dream-like vision of reality that we’ve all once longed for. Sean Pixel has really got it goin on and “back2life” is definitely going to lead to great things for this artist. Stream On Spotify: