thomTide Continues to Show Off His Wild Artistry with New Video, "Season 3: Spring"

Quick Thoughts: Last week, I wrote about a new artist we had recently discovered, thomTide. I was immediately struck by his artistry, his ability to present himself perfectly with everything he does. Today, thomTide gives us another side to examine, with the visuals for Season 3: Spring. Once again, I’m so impressed with the San Diego native's ability to tell a story and evoke emotions with everything he does. You just can’t take your eyes off this video, it’s captivating and remarkable. Everything he does just draws the listener in further. thomTide is the real deal, releasing music every other week throughout the entire year, in accordance with the different seasons. At some point, there's not much I can say to describe the video. It's just that good. You just gotta watch for yourself.