GTFO Franky Releases Special Debut Single, "SEE THROUGH"

Quick Thoughts: GTFO Franky is a name to remember. The Swede has just released his first single on streaming platforms, and it is an absolute must-listen. SEE THROUGH is an irresistible track that casually blends Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop into an unforgettable alternative R&B style that reminds me of Cautious Clay. Making use of impeccable production, his stunning vocals, and his really impressive songwriting, Franky has a remarkable debut single on his hands. With his debut mixtape on the way later this year, I expect we will be hearing a lot more from GTFO Franky shortly. He vows to “explore the world of music like no one else has,” and after hearing SEE THROUGH I have no choice but to believe him. With only one single out, he has already demonstrated an undaunted willingness to challenge the boundaries of genre and create a refreshing sound. GTFO Franky is a special artist. Stream on Spotify: