Hong Kong Boyfriend Continues to Impress with Latest Gem, "see u dance"

Quick Thoughts: Since the release of his debut single, Cold Waters, in August of last year, Hong Kong Boyfriend has established himself as one of the most impressive artists on the indie-R&B scene. Pairing his luscious vocals with stirring production, Hong Kong Boyfriend has a nearly indescribable ability to float through a track with his ethereal, airy nature. His latest single, see u dance, might just be his best yet. This track sees the California native show off his vocal range, as he sings pensively over an easygoing melody, occasionally breaking out into seemingly casual vocal riffs. Like his earlier singles, see u dance draws the listener in with its subtle pop influences and dreamy soundscape. Hong Kong Boyfriend has the type of talent to pull together an irresistible track, something he’s managed to do on every single one of his releases. If this is the first you’re hearing of him, make sure to check out his other tracks as well; every one of his songs is incredibly quality. Hong Kong Boyfriend is doing something special. Stream on Spotify: