LUCA Stuns with Debut Single, "Serotonin"

Quick Thoughts: LUCA is brand new to the independence scene, but he has already made quite the impression. The young New Yorker has an entirely unique style, marked by his pop-leaning, genre-bending infusion of funk, soul, and R&B. LUCA’s debut single, Serotonin, is undoubtedly one of the most impressive releases I’ve heard all year. LUCA shines in all facets on this song: as a vocalist; as a songwriter; as an artist through and through. His stunning vocals float around the breezy chord progression, the live instrumentals, and the lucious soundscape with ease, as he tells the song’s story with painstaking emotion. LUCA is a special, special artist. There aren’t many artists out there that are capable of putting out a song like Serotonin. With his debut single, LUCA is already beginning to turn heads. I, for one, am already excited to hear more music from him in the new year. Stream on Spotify: