Kiid Spyro Pushes Boundaries With His Latest Release "Siamese"

Quick Thoughts: Kiid Spyro holds nothing back on his latest release “Siamese”. With a mixture of hyper-pop, rage, modern hip-hop, and futuristic sounding production this song is super unique. Kiid Spyro takes it to the next level with his amazing trap-rap flow. This Melbourne native has been gaining traction with a roster of impressive singles under his belt. An artist with talent is great, but an artist with talent who knows how to work the industry is even better. Spyro has already collaborated with people on other platforms to promote his music and it has worked fantastically. His next power move is a jump to the US where he plans to dominate the music scene. Just writing about it is getting me excited for what's to come for Kiid Spyro. I know it’ll be nothing less than fucking awesome. Stream On Spotify: