The China Blue Releases New Genre-Bending Single, "SiLENCE"

Quick Thoughts: With the release of his hit single, Nervous, earlier this year, The China Blue showed off an eclectic, genre-bending pop style that we were absolutely enthralled with. After such a release, the Providence, Rhode Island native could have gone in a few different directions; today, we finally get to see the path he chose with his latest boundary-pushing single, SiLENCE. Describing the track as “EMO 808s with JAZZ,” The China Blue allows himself to once again to push boundaries and break out of preconceived notions about pop music. It’s not easy to do something that other artists won’t, but The China Blue makes it look effortless and natural. With poise and charisma, The China Blue is making waves on the pop scene. Keep an eye out for him moving forward - he’s doing something special right now. Stream on Spotify: