Evan Blair Releases Indie-Rock Track "Sleepwalker"

Quick Thoughts: Evan Blair’s latest release “Sleepwalker” is a hidden gem. Sounding like a quality indie-rock song from the early 2000’s, Even Blair really kills it on this track. Blair sings from experience on this piece. It’s about being in a relationship with someone who’s in an inescapable funk. In this case, Blair was the one in the funk and the only way he could express this feeling was through his music. Pulling inspiration from his influences like The Strokes, Weezer, and The 1975, Evan Blair is really cooking up something special. Blair has produced and songwritten for artists such as Nessa Barret, K. Flay, Tessa Violet, Bryce Vine, etc. He’s got talent in all facets of the music making process. This Torono native is definitely headed for some big things. As an avid indie-rock listener “Sleepwalker” totally gets the stamp of approval. Stream On Spotify: