True Jackson Impresses with New Indie-Pop Bop, "So Sad!"

Quick Thoughts: If you’re anything like me, the name True Jackson sends you back to the days of hanging with the fellas and watching True Jackson, VP on Nickelodeon. Well, there’s a new True Jackson who everyone will be familiar with very, very soon. Just 17 years old, this True Jackson is an indie-pop artist with a swinging, hook-heavy style. When I first heard her latest single, So Sad!, I listened to it about five times in a row and I can honestly say that I’m in disbelief that it was written by a teenager. She manages to find a perfect balance between dance-worthy melodies and heartfelt lyricism - and don’t even get me started on her incredible voice. True Jackson is a name to remember. ‘So Sad!’ is a really impressive single, and I’m looking forward to watching her as she continues to release more bops like this one in the future. Stream on Spotify: