Daniyel Continues to Shine with Latest Release, "SOMEBODY"

Quick Thoughts: Portland, Oregon rapper/singer Daniyel is on his way to stardom… and he’s only 18. His latest single, SOMEBODY is an R&B infused hip-hop track that beautifully displays the young artist’s ability to seamlessly flow over a beat AND sing a catchy hook. Daniyel’s warm, smooth voice is naturally uplifting, making the refrain where he preaches, “somebody loves you” even more impactful, leaving an inevitable smile on your face. Daniyel’s sound is familiar, yet we found it hard to draw direct comparisons to any one other artist in his genre, proving him to be unique without straying too far from what listeners are used to. This rare authenticity sets Daniyel apart and makes SOMEBODY that much more worth listening to. Stream on Spotify: