Song of the Day: Clouds - Rocco

Quick Thoughts: Rocco spent 2020 showing off his precocious ability to release well-crafted indie-pop tunes. Staying true to form, the 17 year old opened this year with another impressive track, Clouds, a song about the blissful feeling of early love. “I fell in love, there’s no stopping now / My head’s in the clouds, and I’m not coming down for a while,” he croons at the top of the track.

The rest of the track carries a fittingly upbeat mood, resulting in an easygoing, enjoyable listen that gives off some serious warm weather vibes. Clouds is the perfect track to get us through winter, and we just might be playing it on repeat until the weather changes. Stream on Spotify:

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For Fans of: Charlie Burg, Briston Maroney