Song of the Day: Crazy - G Luné

Quick Thoughts: G Luné’s latest release, “Crazy”, will stop you right in your tracks. The song’s funky, groovy melody pulls the listener in even before G Luné cuts in with her stunning, rangy vocals. The LA-based singer-songwriter puts her full range of talent on display throughout this track as she blends her jazz roots with contemporary R&B sounds; she changes tempo effortlessly and nails unforgettable vocal riffs out of nowhere as her voice flirts with the track’s beat.

And that’s to say nothing of the track’s confessional lyricism. “I can barely breathe without you, baby / So caught up on my vices, yeah I’m hazy,” she admits in the first verse, as she tells the story of a lost love and the effects it has on her. “Crazy” is a masterpiece that shows the full extent of G Luné’s starpower. You’ll be listening to this track on repeat all day. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Remi Wolf, Steve Lacy