Song of the Day: For Me - Michal Leah

Quick Thoughts: Starting with a cover of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, Michal Leah began turning heads in the fall of 2019 as her TikTok page quickly went viral. Soon after, Michal Leah was posting snippets of original songs and more covers of today’s brightest stars, like Tyler, The Creator, Hozier, and Billie Eilish. While showing the world her incredible vocal ability on TikTok, she was also working on her first fully-produced track, For Me.

Released yesterday on all streaming platforms, For Me is a debut well worth the wait. A pop song infused with jazz and R&B influences, this track shows off an impressive ear for melody and the same vocal range that helped her become a star on TikTok. But she also displays an impressive songwriting ability, complementing the song’s dance-worthy melody with catchy, poignant lyrics. This is the arrival of a giant. Michal Leah is a superstar. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Adele, Sam Smith