Matty Reynolds Releases Vulnerable New Single, "soul in the sky"

Quick Thoughts: Matty Reynolds only just started releasing music earlier this year, but the young singer-songwriter has already established himself on the independent scene thanks to hit singles Last September and (another) hotel party. Throughout his short career, the 19 year-old has proven himself to be an incredibly thoughtful, mature songwriter, as he complements his confessional lyricism with his pop-rock melodies and heavy hooks. With his latest release, soul in the sky, Reynolds shows a vulnerability that we hadn’t quite seen from him before. Working through the loss of a loved one, Reynolds writes with the maturity of an artist twice his age. And with his trademark crooning vocals and toe-tapping melodies, Reynolds has yet another hit on his hands. soul in the sky is a beautiful, well-crafted song. Matty Reynolds is simply getting better and better with each additional release. Stream on Spotify: