Keeper Continues to Show Out with New Single, "SOUL"

Quick Thoughts: With a distinctly edgy pop-punk style, Keeper is quietly putting together a seriously impressive body of work. On his new single, SOUL, the UK native shows off his full range of talent, from his unforgettable vocals to his thoughtful lyricism and his infectious guitar riffs. Singing over a powerful arrangement of synths, guitars, and 808s, Keeper shows off a thoughtful songwriting touch as he draws on his own experience and proves to be relatable and special. Drawing influence from pop-punk, emo, and hyper-pop music, Keeper falls somewhere in between these three genres, as he develops a sound that is entirely his own: raw and authentic, grandiose and listenable. I am really loving what Keeper is putting together at the moment, and I expect to hear a lot more from him moving forward. Stream on Spotify: