Sam Sherrod Shares His Beautifully Soulful Track "Still Want U"

Quick Thoughts: Sam Sherrod flexes his soulful voice on his recent single “Still Want U”. Sherrod’s buttery vocals are absolutely intoxicating from start to finish. You can really hear him singing his heart out for the full 3 minutes and 11 seconds- that’s something special. This R&B track features a blend of pop, hip-hop, and indie rock that make it unlike any mainstream R&B song out there right now. This track is one of the many amazing tracks on his latest album HEART ATTACK.

This 23-year old Nashville Native is extremely new to the music scene, making his debut just this past year. Since his entrance to the industry he’s gained a decent amount of attention and is growing fast. With a voice like his, this isn’t shocking. R&B needed someone like Sam Sherrod to mix things up. Very hype to watch Sherrod grow, he’s definitely going to be doing some cool things. Stream Now On Spotify: