Energy Brings the Summer Heat with New Single, "Strength"

Quick Thoughts: Summer is easily my favorite time of year for new music. Artists are dropping summer bops left and right, bringing infectious energy to tracks. These summer songs are perfect for the beach, late nights with friends, and anything else you might be doing in this warm weather. With his latest release, Strength, Energy has an irresistible track that I’ll be playing all summer long - and probably deep into the fall and winter as well. Teaming up with producer Kaddy, Energy brings his effortless flow to the track’s vibrant production. With a runtime just under two minutes, he packs a heavy punch, begging the listener to play the track on repeat over and over again. With light melodies and his hard-hitting lyricism, Energy shows off a ton of talent throughout the entire track. If you’re like me and Strength was the first you’ve heard of Energy, do yourself a favor and check out his entire catalogue. At just 22 years old, he’s got a really impressive, deep discography of solid songs. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on him as he continues to release more music. Stream on Spotify: