Listen to Zoe Hines' Comforting New Single, "Stuck in the Mud"

Quick Thoughts: There’s an effortless cool to everything that Zoe Hines does. Throughout her entire debut EP, Everything’s Fine, Zoe casually bends genres, offering a unique take on alternative R&B, marked by her timeless style, experimental nature, and smooth production. On Stuck in the Mud, one of the project’s standout singles, Zoe proves to be the best kind of artist: a comforting one. With her narrative-driven, relatable lyricism, Zoe invites the listener in to enjoy the authentic emotion of the song in an intimate environment. Make no mistake about it, Stuck in the Mud is a comfort song through and through. After listening to this entire project all the way through, I am wildly impressed with Zoe Hines. Stream on Spotify: