Dominique Simone Releases Beautiful New Track, “Sweater”

Quick Thoughts: It doesn’t take long for Dominique Simone to take the listener’s breath away on her latest single, Sweater. With her stunning vocals, the British singer-songwriter manages to evoke her full range of emotions throughout the track, the mark of an incredible vocalist. With Jorja Smith and Lianna La Havas as two of her primary influences, Dominique has an irresistible alternative R&B sound. With only two songs released on streaming services, it can be difficult to project where an artist may be headed or how they may develop; but I get the feeling that we’ll be hearing from Dominique for a long while. Her talent is world-beating, and as she continues to refine her sound she could take off. Sweater is a must-add to your favorite playlist. Stream on Spotify: