Julianna Joy Releases Latest Bop, "Teenage Boys"

Quick Thoughts: Julianna Joy shines on her latest single, Teenage Boys. The 19 year-old has put together quite a catalogue of upbeat indie-pop songs, and she continues to impress with her most recent release. Throughout the track, Julianna reflects on the teenage boys who have mistreated her through the years. In the song’s anthemic chorus, she sings, “I’m so fucking bored, of teenage boys.” After spending much of the song asking what is wrong with teenage boys, she eventually comes to an unmistakable conclusion: “Fuck teenage boys.” Come for Julianna’s empowering sense of self-worth, stay for her hook-heavy melodies and her silky smooth vocals. Julianna Joy has had an incredible 2021, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing quite a bit more from her in the New Year. Stream on Spotify: