GOM Releases Smashing New Single, "Teeth"

Quick Thoughts: Ever since arriving on the scene with his debut single, High, in January of 2020, GOM has been on the cutting edge of pop, as he infuses elements of hyper-pop, alternative rock, and punk into an upbeat style. His latest single, Teeth, out today, may just be his best yet. GOM shows off an incredible versatility on this track, switching tempos and rhythms effortlessly to create a hook-heavy, hard-hitting single. With a voice that seems to weave in and around, GOM’s vocals and production are in perfect harmony at all times throughout the track. GOM has only four songs on streaming services right now, but he’s already proven himself to be one of the most original, visionary artists we’ve had the pleasure of covering. He’s got such a presence, and I love how he manages to blend different genres together to form a sound that is all his own. GOM’s music is chaotic in the best possible way; it’s fucking awesome. As he continues to release more music, GOM is becoming a can’t-miss artist. I’ve enjoyed every song he’s released so far, and I can’t wait for him to drop more music in the future; I get the feeling that GOM is going to be a hit-maker for a long time. Stream on Spotify: