Buppy. Continues to Pave His Own Way with New Track, "TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY"

Quick Thoughts: Buppy. has only three songs to his name on streaming services, but he has already proven himself to be one of the most special artists we’ve come across in recent memory. The Utah native has a unique style, an incredible blend of R&B, pop, and electronic music that makes him stand out on the independent scene. With his latest single, TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY, the 17 year-old continues to pave his own way. In this experimental, haunting track, Buppy. captures an ominous mood as he takes the listener through the exhausting, overwhelming nature of a bad breakup. After listening to this track, we can’t help but think that Buppy. has quite a career ahead of him. With his progressive, expressive nature, he’ll be making hits for a long time. It will be a privilege to watch him continue to develop and release music. This kid is can’t-miss. Stream on Spotify: