THE DOC Teams Up with Tropico on Latest Hit, “Drank on Ice”

Quick Thoughts: THE DOC has returned with his second single in the last few weeks, collaborating with Tropico on the brand new track, “Drank on Ice.” It’s an energetic track that can turn up the mood in any setting, as DOC and Tropico exchange fiery verses. Over ominous production, which features an infectious flute melody and banging 808s, the two artists waste no time in getting your attention. The hook is anthem-like and it’s tastefully broken up by upbeat verses, which sustain the same energy that we'd expect from the two up and coming artists. It’s great to see DOC collaborate with an artist like Tropico: they have tangible chemistry together and have created a song that will be stuck in your head on repeat. Take a few minutes to listen if you haven’t already.