Kisa Releases Incredible Debut Single, "The Game"

Quick Thoughts: The first release from Los Angeles native synth-indie artist Kisa, The Game, projects an interesting and exciting future career for the solo female artist. The track lifts and falls with desired intensity, incorporating a variety of synth beats and a powerful manipulation of the artists’ vocals. The track moves along at a great pace, leaving listeners wanting more by its quick conclusion. The artist’s described difficulties in love, through lyrics on the track, craft quite the relatable situation while empowering listeners to seemingly dance it off with swaying pop beats. The repetitive chorus break, “I think I’ve had enough,” allows for some stability while continuing to take listeners by surprise as the track breaks into a synth explosion, with booming sound effects and a rhythmically heartbeat-like backtrack. The track as a whole reminds me of the climax for a female hero in an action based movie, emerging from a struggle into a futuristic techno club or dance party, unbothered. The Game highlights the young artist’s interesting approach to the synth-pop genre with a willingness to explore lyrically and in approaches to sound mixing and production. Stream on Spotify: