Khamari's Refreshing Sound Stands Out on "The Heat"

Quick Thoughts: Khamari’s debut album Eldorado is the soundtrack for all the late-night summer hangs coming soon. The most popular track The Heat feels like a sandy ride home from a long day at the beach. You just melt into the rhythm held together by the comforting bass guitar. The beauty of this piece is solidified by Khamari’s vocals. Listening to Khamari’s voice gives off the same vibe as talking to a good friend - it just feels right. And Khamari’s capabilities aren't just limited to his voice; he also produces and writes his music. True artistry like this is hard to come by. Although Khamari fits well into the R&B genre, his sound is unique and refreshing. As a multi-skilled artist in the field with such immense talent, Khamari is guaranteed to do some incredible things. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: That Girl, Jealous

For Fans of: Khalid, Anderson .Paak