The Moving Stills Release Beautiful New Single "Waste My Time"

Quick Thoughts: “Waste My Time” recently released by The Moving Stills is the kind of song that will take your breath away. The tender intro vocals bring about a feeling of pure euphoria. If running through a field of daisies and sunflowers had an anthem, it would be “Waste My Time”. The sonic and vocal quality throughout the entire piece genuinely sound like a classic Coldplay song. “Waste My Time” is the first single to be released from The Moving Stills upcoming album. I’m hoping that the album will match the colorful synths and iconic groove that “Waste My Time” expresses- and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

This 4-piece band, native to Australia, is killing it right now. With two singles released earlier this year and an upcoming album, their well-crafted sound will lead them to stardom. We have Tom Mahler on vocals, Brad Guthmann on Bass, Mike Drennan on guitar, and Nick Chisholm on Drums. The talent that these individuals have is unbelievable. I’m eagerly awaiting the album because I have no doubt it’s going to be amazing. Stream On Spotify: