Things In The Way - Porsh Bet$

With bright synths, moody lyrics, and an overall easy going flow, Porsh Bet$ has added yet another entry to his already impressive catalog. With echo effects on the ends of bars, an effortless flow, and those popular synths giving the track an almost retro sound, it’s easy to make comparisons to some of the Weeknd's current works. However, when lyrics to Things in the way are truly broken down and the meaning of this song is seriously looked at, we get a much more humble, almost resentful side of L.A, not to mention the indie music scene.

The lyrics: “Out in L.A, tryna make a play,” during the chorus provide a perfect sampling for the meat and potatoes of this track, and Porsh’s overall attitude heading into this song. What we hear is a repressive struggle from current musical aspirations with the ever so depressing realization of the day job and what that entails, perhaps inspiring the title of the track.

This song has the unique ability to be a lofi bop, even as Porsh takes a hard and conscious look at what it’s like to be an indie artist, specifically in the L.A scene. I dig the attitude of Porsh considering there is a huge amount of honesty mixed in with it, and I think that’s what sets him apart from his peers. If you're looking for mood music mixed with a soft spoken vulnerability, look no further than this track.

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