TOB Duke Wows on His Latest Project, “Skye”

Quick Thoughts: The best part of writing about music has to be watching an artist grow and evolve before your eyes. You might hear an artist’s first release and think nothing of it, maybe their second release isn’t all that impressive either, but in music, just like with any other career or hobby, artists will find a style that not only works, but surprises you as a listener, leading you to forget everything you previously thought of them. Detroit-based artist, TOB Duke, is one of these artists and he has found his stride with the release of his third project, Skye.

On Skye, Duke’s delivery is confident, soulful, and earnest. That’s not to say his past two projects didn’t feature these characteristics, but everything feels more refined and cohesive on his latest project. One of the many stand-out tracks on the album, Overkill, sees Duke reminisce about his upbringing, as he struggles to cope with lost friends. The song is optimistic, yet brutally honest: Duke’s soulful lyrics and charismatic delivery paint a vivid picture of the most troubling times in his life. If you enjoy listening to Overkill, check out Gotti Flow and Heartfelt next. Or just listen to the whole project.

Must Listens: Gotti Flow, Heartfelt, Let Me Down

For Fans Of: Polo G, Lil Tjay