Bluestaeb Releases Jazzy New Track

Quick thoughts: You will literally melt into Bluestaeb’s latest release “TTWL”. The soundscape of this track express a perfect balance between jazz, groove, and neo-soul. The buttery vocals of Bluestaeb are truly intoxicating. “TTWL” will put your mind at ease for the full 3 minutes and 51 one seconds. The light percussive beats and inviting guitar chords are enough to make anybody escape their thoughts for just a moment.

Luckily, Bluestaeb has a lengthy roster of beautifully crafted songs like this one. Starting out by making his own beats, Bluestaeb eventually found his way to the Hip-Hop and Jazz where he comfortably remains. He has released multiple solos and collaborative projects since the success of his debut album Rodalquilar. Bluestaeb brings something to the table. In an attempt to organically mesh old school sound with new school steeze, Bluestaeb is bound for more success. Stream on Spotify: