Joe Weeks and Spondifferous Team Up for the Anthemic "Turlenecks, Veggie Straws, & Loneliness"

Quick Thoughts: Collaboration can be tricky. It requires compromise, chemistry, and cohesion. So it should be no surprise that some collaborations work better than others. And when they work well, they work WELL. Of course, on the other hand, there’s also potential for some disasters (J. Cole still has some explaining to do for his work on Jeremih’s Planez). When Joe Weeks and Spondifferous got together for their latest single, Turtlenecks, Veggie Straws, & Loneliness, I had no idea what to expect. This track was my first impression of both artists, and wow was it a good one. Weeks and Spondifferous collaborated with a clear vision and nearly flawless execution. The song is split up into three distinct sections, each beautiful in its own right. The first is triumphant and uplifting, modeled after indie bands like Young the Giant; the second is slower and more contemplative, modeled after the soft pop-rock of bands like Coldplay. Finally, the song fades out into a soft, piano-based outro that is beautiful and ethereal. Even with the three separate parts, the entire song fits together wonderfully. I’m really impressed by the song’s arrangement, the overall artistic vision, and the execution. This is a hell of a song. Stream on Spotify: