A.N.I. Reaches New Heights with "Understudy"

Quick Thoughts: In order to have a chance as a rapper you need to be three things - confident, persistent, and absorbent. Emerging rapper out of Southeast Texas, A.N.I., has all three. After first hearing the guy, I drew an immediate comparison to Childish Gambino. Like Donald’s prime work on, “Because the Internet,” A.N.I. 's style is a conversational piece of music where he continuously switches flows and rhyme schemes. Understudy, the second track on his recently released debut EP, showcases A.N.I. 's serious lyrical, artistic, and rhythmic skills as he bounces around a classic sampled beat and tells a story.

It’s always cool to hear rappers like Juice WRLD who have the ability to hear any beat and spew out a hit, but there is something to be said for rappers along the style of A.N.I. who add a specific sauce to their dish - taking their time to write lyrics and a flow that go along perfectly with their beat to make absolute chemistry.

Understudy is the kind of track you bump in your car and can’t help but lower the windows to. Although all three tracks on his EP, “Channel One” are worth listening to, Understudy was the takeaway for me. Fire in on this guy and expect to hear more gems. Stream on Spotify: