Unfamiliar Faces - Chloe Parché

Placing myself in blithe; a day starting at my favorite coffee shop and a spin class is where Chloe Parché’s Unfamiliar Faces finds me. The ubiquitous relatability that simultaneously clenches on to feminine energy is the allure that keeps it on repeat. The pertinent lyrics that exemplify the need for change in gossamer tones make the song so easy to listen to.

The lyrics correlate heavily to the phase of life I find myself in at the moment. The anticipation of something new and stepping outside of the stagnant nature of what you’re accustomed to is a consistent essence. This song comes after a well received debut single entitled Moneymaker. Unfamiliar Faces suits the message Chloe has consistently adorned in all of her projects. The song is a ballad of spontaneity, adaptability, and merely choosing to do more; seeking and executing new ventures.

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