Stephen Sanchez Continues to Impress with New Single, "Until I Found You"

Quick Thoughts: Stephen Sanchez feels like the next big thing, especially when it comes to singer-songwriters. Between his thoughtful lyricism, his smooth vocals, and his ear for breezy melodies, Sanchez has an easily listenable, sing-along style that you will not be able to get enough of. Following up singles Lady by the Sea and Kayla, Sanchez has released his third single, Until I Found You, a love song to his girlfriend. A thoughtful ballad, Until I Found You sees Sanchez recall how he “was in the worst place ever,” and how his girlfriend was there for him. This vulnerably honest songwriting is rare from anyone, let alone a teenager, and it is some seriously impressive stuff. With an EP on the way shortly, Sanchez certainly isn’t done turning heads and I, for one, will be here to listen to every single song that comes from him. Stream on Spotify: