KA$HDAMI Releases Dope New Album

Quick Thoughts: KA$SHDAMI’s newly released album, epiphany, is a must-listen. The album is packed with straight bops and it even features Lil Tecca as a producer on a track. Every song is unique from one another, but they all share the same killer flow thanks to the 16-year old rapper. 16 years old, 12 singles, 3 albums, 1 EP. Let that marinate for a second. KA$HDAMI is 100% a hustler, and it has definitely paid off. From getting major press from huge platforms to getting signed by the top label in the country, I think it’s safe to say that KA$HDAMI has made it. Did I mention he’s only 16?

One of my favorites on epiphany is “Up!”. When a track has a super dope beat, it makes it that much harder for the artists to really take control and dominate the soundscape. KA$HDAMI rose to the challenge. The beat itself is so unique and present, but KA$HDAMI doesn’t even come close to getting lost in the sauce. He grabs and holds your attention from beginning to end, it’s fucking awesome. Give it a listen- you’ll see what I’m talking about. Stream on Spotify: