Voda Fuji Pops Off on New Release, “Chill Pill”

Quick Thoughts: There’s something addictive about Voda Fuji’s music: it’s energetic yet relaxed, making it perfect for so many different settings. If you’re not already familiar with his talents, you should certainly throw him on your “to listen” list. Like many other up and coming artists, Voda has been releasing an impressive amount of singles: he’s growing his fan base quickly as he prepares to drop his debut EP.

On his newest release, Chill Pill, which is out today, Voda hits smooth flows and catchy melodies, creating a track that you will have on repeat. His voice brings plenty of life to the beat and he wastes no time in getting you to groove along with him. Voda always finds a way to impress and this time is no different. If you’re in search of new music, Voda will certainly have something for you. We know there are big things to come for him and we are excited to see what’s next for the young, talented artist.

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