Wallice Teams Up with marinelli for Irresistible New Track, "Hey Michael"

Quick Thoughts: Just three songs into what we hope will be a very long career, Wallice is already as consistent an artist as we’ve come across in recent memory. The self-described jazz school dropout received critical acclaim for her first two tracks, 23 and Punchline, and that praise won’t be slowing down with the release of her latest single, Hey Michael, out today. Teaming up with marinelli for the new track, Wallice once again stands out as a masterful songwriter who makes use of a plethora of poetic devices to convey her emotions. "You’re the life of the party, but finally the party is over," she croons in the track’s chorus over grunge-inspired guitars as she looks back on a failed relationship. In Hey Michael, she pairs her imagery-driven lyricism with a mood-matching rhythm. The result is an irresistible track that will be stuck in your head all day. With every additional release, Wallice continues to suggest that she is next up in the long, storied line of female indie rockers. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Del Water Gap