InspectahFlow Teams Up with Brandon Thakidd and Yvng Tella for New Hit, "We Can Not Be Friends"

Quick Thoughts: Brandon ThaKidd and Yvng Tella are hit-makers on their own. So it’s no surprise that they brought the heat to their recent collaboration, We Can Not Be Friends. Over a hard-hitting beat with subtle trap influences laid down by the Swedish production duo, InspectahFlow, Brandon ThaKidd and Yvng Tella take turns delivering their bars with confidence and effortless flow. The artists have a notable chemistry, which turns the solid beat and incredible verses into a well-packaged, unforgettable, certifiable hit. We Can Not Be Friends seems to have some real versatility; this song can be played at a house party, while hanging out with friends, or while out at a bar or a club. It’s difficult to lay down a beat to match the talents of artists like Brandon ThaKidd and Yvng Tella, but InspectahFlow make it look easy; the result is a hit that you'll be playing on repeat. Here’s to hoping we’ll hear more work from the production duo and these two rappers in the near future. Stream on Spotify: