Ashley Mehta Drops Music Video for her New Single, "When I Ride"

Quick Thoughts: I’ve seen enough. Ashley Mehta is a star. The Filipino-Indian-American singer-songwriter has a distinct pop-R&B style; and in a crowded genre, Mehta manages to pave her own path, standing out with her own unique sound. Mehta has had an incredible 2021, firmly establishing herself as a certifiably hit-maker with three singles: FEELS LIKE THAT, Butter (a BTS cover), and her most recent release, When I Ride, which she dropped just last week. The Bay Area native seriously just gets better and better with each additional release. Her sound is so polished, marked by steady production, irresistible melodies, and her absolutely stunning vocals. When I Ride is the perfect late-night driving song: something about the track just makes you want to blast this song with the windows rolled all the way down, singing to the chorus at the top of your lungs. My favorite part about this track is the way that Mehta really took some chances, doing things that other artists wouldn’t be willing to. And these risks pay off, a testament to her world-beating talent. Mehta’s voice seems to float in and around the track’s production, complementing it perfectly. When I Ride is a bop. Stream on Spotify and watch the music video below: