Caroline Sky Drops Jaw-Dropping New Single, "White Lace"

Quick Thoughts: Just one listen to Caroline Sky’s latest single, White Lace, will stop you right in your tracks. The California native already has a deeply impressive catalogue, but this song might just be her best yet. Ever since releasing her debut self-titled EP in 2015, Caroline has established herself as one of the most impressive young R&B artists with her distinct, pop-infused style and absolutely stunning vocals. But make no mistake about it, Caroline Sky is a well-rounded talent who complements her vocals and ear for melody with a remarkable, imagery-driven songwriting style. White Lace sees Caroline focus on the idea of wearing white lace (or not) at a wedding. Written with the experience of being proposed to on a first date in mind, she delves into deep thematic waters about the expectations of young women in today’s society. This is a masterpiece from Caroline, who has developed a really solid, sophisticated sound that is sure to have the listener hitting repeat on this single. Stream on Spotify: