Abigail Bleu Shows Off Dreamy Vocals on "Wife This"

Quick Thoughts: I think that sometimes the most exciting part of a song is the introductory instrumentals. These few seconds hold such great power in creating suspense for the main act- which can be either a fantastic surprise or a huge disappointment. If I were to deem the moment that Abigail Bleu comes in with her vocals as a “fantastic surprise”, I would be hugely understating her talent. Bleu shares her stunningly dreamy vocals in her latest release “Wife This”. The storyline of this song being told through the smooth R&B vibe screams everything Ariana Grande. This song speaks for all the girls who want to take their relationship to the next level. Considering cuffing season is just around the corner, Bleu knew exactly what we needed.

Coming from a family of musicians, Abigail Bleu was always encouraged to pursue music. Her journey started in her bedroom and has now flourished in the studio. “Wife This” is just the start to an amazing musical career for Abigail Bleu. Stream Now on Spotify: