Wiley from Atlanta Releases Incredible Lead Single for Upcoming Album

Quick Thoughts: Few artists are as instantly recognizable as Wiley from Atlanta, thanks to his irresistible sound that skews toward the bluesy side of R&B. His trademark vocals are gruff yet sensitive, and you just can’t help but sing along. Wiley hyped Heat Lightning, his latest release and the lead single off of his upcoming album, by saying, “Those late night drives will never be the same after this drop.” After just one listen to the new track, you can immediately hear why. Heat Lightning just has those late night vibes. With a gnarly electric guitar leading the beat, the track will have you nodding your head in approval the second it begins. And that’s before Wiley hits his falsetto and sings, “It smells like teen spirit,” in a manner that will give you goosebumps. Heat Lightning is one of those tracks you just have to listen to - and you’ll be listening again and again and again. Stream on Spotify:

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