Will Keeper Can’t Miss, Listen to His Latest Single, “All That She Wants”

Quick Thoughts: With tens of thousands of songs released every day, there’s no telling how much hidden talent is hiding in the depths of your favorite streaming service. It’s what makes finding and tracking emerging artists such an intriguing part of the music industry. If you’ve been in music long enough, you’ve probably passed up on an artist who has proven you wrong since. We won’t take that chance on Will Keeper, which is why we’re introducing you to him before the industry sharks find him.

For an artist of his caliber, Will Keeper does not have the streaming numbers you might expect him to, but he certainly has talent that is worthy of your attention. His most recent release, All That She Wants, is a smooth, relaxing track that will leave your head nodding when it’s over. The hook is infectious, the instrumentation is delicately layered, and the various sections come together to tell a beautiful story. Everything that we love about Will Keeper is featured on this song, and you should stop doing what you’re doing and listen to it now.

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