dylxn Teams Up with Atlas in Motion for New Single, "You Shouldn't Be Here"

Quick Thoughts: dylxn is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the 20 year-old makes an emotional brand of pop music that is truly unique to him, as he infuses elements of punk, indie, and bedroom pop into his sound. With only three songs out on Spotify, he has already begun to establish himself as an artist to watch. For his latest banger, You Shouldn’t Be Here, dylxn teamed up with Atlas in Motion. Throughout the song, the two artists prove to be kindred spirits, as they open up about the struggle of “figuring it out” and finding oneself over the track’s hook-heavy melodies. dylxn explains, “I'm not sure what I actually want my life to be, but I do know that I shouldn't keep going through the motions and need to learn to take risks.” There’s a real, tangible openness throughout the song, something that listeners will be able to relate heavily with. For an artist who has only been taking music seriously for the past year, dylxn is remarkably polished and well-rounded. This dude has some serious talent, and I have a feeling he could take off in 2022 as he releases more music. It’s time to start paying attention. Stream on Spotify: