YSB Eli Drops Yet Another Hit with “No Luv”

Quick Thoughts: Up and coming rapper, YSB Eli, has a penchant for smooth flows and captivating cadences. Since last year, he has dropped countless hits and has shone no signs of slowing down. Hailing from North Carolina, Eli’s distinctive voice shines over many styles of production, but uptempo guitar beats are his bread and butter. He’ll draw you in with catchy hooks and keep you engaged with energetic verses.

On his most recent release, No Luv, Eli continues to prove why he will be one of the hottest acts in the rap game. You can tell that melodies come to him naturally and his ability to transition between hooks and verses appears effortless. With each of his new releases, Eli shows he is evolving as an artist ready to take over the mainstream. We expect Eli to drop many more hits this year and anticipate a bright future for the young star.

For Fans of: Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby

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