Terry Presume Releases Funky New Track, "Zaza and Some Runtz (Smoke Break)

Quick Thoughts: There is perhaps no artist who better exemplifies what it means to be genre-bending than Terry Presume. The Golden Gate, Florida native has the ability to flow seamlessly from his crooning falsetto to quick bars; his delivery is signature and unforgettable. Across his entire discography, Terry has shown a penchant for singing and rapping over an acoustic guitar; however, with his latest release, Zaza and some Runtz (Smoke Break), Terry switches it up, abandoning his typical sound in favor of a funky, groovy melody that will have you wanting to light up on the spot. Over the course of this track, Terry shows off a side of himself that we haven’t seen before, maintaining the same innate ability to create a vibe that we’ve seen in his other songs. I love seeing artists break out of their comfort zone and expand their sound, and Terry makes this transition naturally and enjoyably. As he continues to put out more and more music, he is becoming a can’t-miss artist. This is an irresistible track that I'll be playing all summer long, it's the perfect vibe for late nights on the beach hanging with friends. Stream on Spotify: