Zuli Jr. Drops Yet Another Hit with “Her Manner”

Quick Thoughts: It’s always impressive when artists release a string of good music, especially when the artist is exploring different sounds and styles. As of late, Zuli Jr. has been doing just that. His roots are certainly pop-oriented, but he’s also influenced by indie and alternative music. When you dive into his catalog, you’ll be able to hear the impressive range of genres that he’s experimented with.

His newest track, Her Manner, which is out today, is driven by Zuli’s weightless voice and groovy production. Zuli’s talent is immediately apparent, as he flawlessly hits a wide range of notes and effortlessly moves between sections throughout the song. As a whole, the track is slower than most of Zuli’s work, but goes to show his ability to explore different styles. Zuli has had a hot start to this year and we really hope he continues to drop music at this pace. If he does, it won’t be long before we're listening to his next project.

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